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We are a work injury claim Brisbane team who are in providing help with workers compensation claims. WorkCover workers compensation claims are available to people who have sustained a physical injury as a result of their work.  The time following an injury can be extremely stressful, so we’re here to help guide you through the process with easy to understand advice that’s tailored to your specific circumstances. 



  • 割伤和撕裂
  • 骨折
  • 肌肉骨骼损伤
  • 工业听力损失
  • 重复性劳损(RSI)
  • 设备故障造成的伤害。




工伤赔偿金通常会支付与工伤相关的医疗费用以及您平时收入的每周百分比。如果您因受伤而无法继续工作,您可能有资格获得一次性付款。 contact the work injury claim Brisbane team today. 

What counts as a workplace injury?

Compensation for workplace injuries is intended for individuals who have suffered an injury either directly from their job or due to a pre-existing condition aggravated by their work. This compensation covers full-time, part-time, and casual employees, as well as subcontractors.

Types of workplace injuries encompass:


  1. Incidents resulting in cuts and lacerations
  2. Fractured bones
  3. 肌肉骨骼损伤
  4. Occupational hearing loss
  5. 重复性劳损(RSI)
  6. Harm caused by defective equipment.