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Understanding what personal injury really is.

What does the term “personal injury” refer to?

Let’s have our personal injury lawyers Brisbane North staff define the term “personal injury” that seems straightforward – referring to harm that comes to an individual.  But, as is often the case, it has a slightly different meaning in legal contexts – “injuries to the person for which another person or organisation is legally liable, and hence, for which compensation is claimable” (Coumarelos, Wei and Grant)

This means that our personal injury lawyers in Brisbane North seek compensation for injuries to their client for which someone else is legally responsible.

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These injuries can take place in many different ways, which does have an impact on how the claim is dealt with:

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation claims apply to people who sustain an injury at work, or whose pre-existing injury/illness worsens due to work.

These types of injury can vary widely, for example:

  • A worker cutting their hand while slicing vegetables
  • A cashier being assaulted by a customer
  • Developing PTSD or other mental health issues as a result of a traumatic incident.


Road Accidents

Road accidents are another type of personal injury, in the case where the incident was someone else’s fault.  Injuries can include those with long or short-term implications and be physical or psychological.  It is helpful to speak to a personal injury lawyer in Brisbane North to establish whether you may be eligible for compensation and begin the process.


Public Liability

Public liability applies where someone is injured due to the negligence of an individual or organisation, excluding cases of workplace injury or motor vehicle accidents.

Personal liability injuries might include:

  • A slip and fall on a broken footpath
  • Food poisoning from a restaurant

Making a claim

First things first – are you eligible for compensation?  It’s important to first ensure your injury meets the requirements before starting a claim.  Our personal injury lawyers Brisbane North staff members can assist with this – they’re familiar with the area and can offer insight about whether your claim is likely to be successful.

You’ll generally also need to submit evidence to support your claim, such as a doctor’s letter and police report, depending on the circumstances.

There are also time limits to consider – some claims need to be submitted quite soon after the injury occurs, where others are more flexible.  Again, talk to our Brisbane North personal injury lawyers for details relevant to your specific circumstances.


Do you need a personal injury lawyers Brisbane North professionals to make a compensation claim?

Technically, no.  However, it’s certainly not something we would recommend – you’re far more likely to get the outcome you’re looking for our experienced personal injury lawyers Brisbane North team on your side.

In most of these compensation claims, you’ll be dealing with an insurance agency.  They have professionals on their side working to keep the compensation payment as low as possible and they’re very good at it.  It’s not a fair fight.

Personal injury lawyers in Brisbane North will not only know what you’re likely entitled to, but how to approach the insurer to get the best possible outcome.  Even accounting for any legal fees you accrue, you’re likely to end up with more money in your pocket with professional legal representation.

If finances are an issue, consider a service with a No Win, No Fee policy and look for a free initial consult.

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