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Pedestrian Accident Compensation

For the best compensation lawyers in Brisbane get in touch now! If you’ve been hit by a car, bus or other motor vehicles in a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to a compensation payout.  We’re vastly experienced in the field and have helped many people receive the compensation they deserve.

What could you be compensated for?

Even in the event the Brisbane pedestrian accident was a hit-and-run, you may still be able to claim for costs associated with your injury.

These costs can include:

  • Medical or rehabilitation costs
  • Care and support, including from friends or family
  • Financial losses associated with the injury – eg. Loss of wages or retraining in a new field if unable to continue working in current position
  • Funeral costs (if the injured person dies as a result of the accident).

Process for making a claim

Step one for making a claim is to get in touch with our team.  We offer obligation-free initial appointments where we can discuss the specifics of your case, eligibility and outline the process.

We’ll generally need a police report about the accident (we can help with this if you need), as well as documentation regarding your injuries and any costs/loss of income associated with the accident.

It’s important to get things moving sooner rather than later – there are time limits that apply to compensation claims and we can often negotiate compensation for your rehabilitation, so you’re not out of pocket for these expenses while the claim is ongoing.

We’re also aware that this can be a financially stressful time – so we offer No Win/No Fee to make it easier to move forward with your pedestrian accident claim.

For the best compensation lawyers in Brisbane to help you with your claim and case, get hold of us then we will advise and help you. It’s what we do!

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