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Visa Appeals

If your visa application was refused, don’t despair. Our migration advice Brisbane team has experience in appealing initial visa decisions and can assure you there may still be hope for a successful outcome.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) regularly overturns visa application decisions, so if you believe your application has been unfairly refused, our Migration Lawyers can quickly and easily assess your case and provide advice.

There are certain steps to take to facilitate a successful review:

  • Confirm your case is eligible for review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (your Refusal Notice will state if the decision is reviewable or not)
  • Act quickly to lodge your appeal (strict time limits apply)

We can, of course, assist you in applying for a review and presenting your application in a renewed light.

Our Migration Law team can quickly assist and give you peace of mind.

Remember, a rejected visa application may not be the end. After all, it costs nothing to weigh up your options.

Contact our migration advice Brisbane team today for that review.


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