Superannuation Insurance Claim

Most Australians are aware they have a superannuation account – but did you know that most superannuation also includes a superannuation insurance claim policy?  If you’re unable to work due to an illness or injury, you may be eligible for benefits under your superannuation insurance for Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection or Death Benefits.

At times, this can be challenging to navigate and determine exactly what you’re entitled to under your specific policy, particularly when you’re unwell or under significant stress.  We can help with this process, liaise with the insurance company and ensure you get the best possible benefits to help you during this trying time with the superannuation insurance claim.

Types of claims

Accessing TPD super insurance

Your Superannuation may include TPD insurance cover as a default.

Income Protection Benefits

Your Superannuation may cover you for income protection benefits.

Death Benefits and Terminal Illness

Your Superannuation fund may have a policy that provides for a death benefit or terminal illness.

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