Brisbane Income Protection Benefits


Income Protection Benefits

When you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, our Brisbane income protection law team can help you receive income protection payments and can act as an alternate stream of income, helping to reduce the financial burden of being off work for an extended period.

This cover is often included with superannuation funds and loan insurance, but you may also have it as a part of a membership with a union or as a private policy.

Depending on your insurance provider and your specific circumstances, you may be eligible for regular monthly payments of up to 75% of your usual salary or income.  The benefit is usually payable for up to two years, until your 65th birthday or until you are able to recommence work, whichever is sooner.

This can make a big difference to your finances during a challenging time, but there are some additional factors that can impact your payments.  It’s best to commence your claim as soon as possible as it takes time for the claim to be processed and most insurance providers have a 1-3 month waiting period before payments can begin.  Additional income payments such as Centrelink, sick leave and workers compensation will also impact the income protection you may be entitled to.

We can help you to navigate the process of making an income protection claim and work to get the income you need sooner. Our Brisbane income protection law team are here to help. 

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