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Partner and Family Visas

Partner and Family Visas are one of the most rewarding and important parts of migration law we work within as our partner visa Brisbane Australia options provide couples to unite together. 

Our experienced migration lawyers are able to assist with various scenarios, some of the more common ones being if you are married or in a de facto relationship with an Australian permanent resident, or citizen of New Zealand.

In this instance, you may well be eligible to apply for a partner visa, which allows you to live and work in Australia.

Our Migration Law team have the experience and nous to guide you through what can be an extremely challenging process – a process you want experience on your side to tackle.

Partner Visa subclass 820/801 and 309/100

This type of visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen, to live in Australia. 

This visa requires a sponsorship on behalf of the applicant’s spouse or partner.

Partner visas allow married spouses or de facto partners to travel to Australia or remain in Australia with their partners.

An application for a partner visa is an application for both a temporary and a permanent visa. Once made, the application is processed in two stages.

Upon successful application, you will first be granted a temporary partner visa, allowing you to remain in Australia whilst a decision is made in relation to your permanent visa.

It can take up to two years for a decision to be made regarding your permanent visa application.

And yes, you can be outside Australia at the time of applying for a partner visa. The requirement is you will need to make an application for a combined 309/100 visa.

If you are inside Australia at the time of applying for a partner visa, you will need to make an application for a combined 820/801 visa.

There are various eligibility requirements for this visa and our Migration Law team are here to help guide you through those and provide you with the very best advice.

We urge caution with putting together couple visa applications. It can be very challenging to demonstrate you fulfill the requirements to substantiate your relationship with your partner.

If you’re concerned that your relationship or status does not meet the requirements for a Partner or Family Visa, contact us and we can assess possible solutions. We’re here to help.

Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300

This visa is designed for individuals who are outside Australia and who are engaged to an Australian or eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of the opposite sex, who intend to marry their spouse within the nine months of the visa validity period.

This visa is temporary but is widely considered the first step to achieving permanent residency. It’s a sponsorship visa, which requires your fiance to sponsor you.

There’s a requirement that the applicant travel to Australia and marry their spouse within the nine-month visa life (once married, then you meet the requirement to apply for a subclass 820 partner visa in Australia).

You must be outside Australia to apply for this visa and when the visa is granted. 

Of course, there are other criteria to meet and our migration law team can advise and walk you through your options, along with providing an accurate breakdown of costs required, along with visa processing time frames.

It costs nothing to weigh up your options. Get in touch on 07 3317 8380 to find out more about partner visa Brisbane Australia choices and how we might help.

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