When looking to move permanently to Australia, partner visas are a very common choice.  In the 2020/2021 financial year, a massive 72,376 partner visas were approved.

Being based in such a popular area, we see many partner visa Brisbane, Australia clients – it’s a pleasure to assist couples in this transition.

So, what is a partner visa?

The Partner Visa (subclasses 820 and 801) is for people looking to move permanently to Australia to live with their Australian de facto partner or spouse.

When the Permanent Partner visa is confirmed, you can stay in Australia indefinitely, sponsor family members to come to Australia and apply for citizenship.

Are we eligible?

A person may be eligible to come to Australia on a Partner Visa if their partner or spouse is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

According to the Visa requirements, “you must:  be married or in a de facto relationship; have a genuine and continuing relationship; live together, or not live permanently separately and apart and; be mutually committed to a shared life excluding other partners”.  

How do Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas Brisbane QLD work?

The road to a fully finalised partner visa is a long one – it can take 3.5-4 years.  Because of this, you apply for both the Partner Visa (Temporary – subclass 820) and the Partner Visa (Permanent – subclass 801) at the same time.  The Temporary Visa is granted until the permanent Partner visa is finalised, as a sort of bridging measure.  While on the Temporary Partner Visa in Brisbane, Australia you can live, work and study in Australia, and travel to and from the country as much as you’d like.  You’re also able to apply for access to Medicare, Australia’s universal healthcare system.

When your Permanent Partner Visa is confirmed, you have permanent residency and can apply for citizenship if desired.

If the relationship breaks down before the Permanent Partner visa is granted, it may have an impact on the application.  However, in cases of domestic violence or the death of the sponsoring partner, the Permanent visa may still be granted.

What evidence of the relationship is required?

If you’re planning to migrate to Australia with a Partner Visa in Brisbane, Australia, you will be required to submit evidence to prove your relationship is genuine and continuing.  This can be extensive, particularly if you’re not married or living together, and may include:

  •         Personal statements from both people in the relationships
  •         Statutory declarations from friends and family about the relationship
  •         Evidence of shared finances
  •         Social evidence (eg. Evidence that other people know about the relationship, proof of shared activities, photos)
  •         Evidence of living together
  •         Evidence of ongoing commitment.

This is not a quick or easy process – but it’s so lovely to see when a partner visa for Brisbane QLD is approved and a couple is able to continue living together in the place of their choosing.

For advice on partner visas Brisbane, Australia that considers your particular circumstances, get Morgan Clifford Legal Services on your side.


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